Busy Body Fitness Commercial

As a sophomore at Lynn University, I created a web commercial for my digital video editing class. For the project, I went to Busy Body Fitness Center, nearby campus in Boca Raton, Florida. I first interviewed the fitness center manager, and later filmed B roll of the people exercising, with their permission. Post filming, I edited the footage using the software Premiere Pro and later recorded my voice for the narration. 

The Swim of the Dolphins

During my senior year at Lynn University, I co-directed a documentary about dolphins for my Senior Communication Capstone class. For the project, I wrote the narration and had my partner be the voice for it. My partner and I interviewed Dr. Barbra J Brunnick, research director of Tara’s Ocean Graphic Foundation, along with her husband, Dr. Stefan Harzen. For the project, Brunnick and Harzen provided prerecorded footage, which I then edited. Later, I found more footage about Dolphins on YouTube for more B roll along with the music, and then I would put them in Premiere Pro to edit.

Love in Different Dimensions

During my senior year at Lynn University,  I co-directed the film and created its story. I was also the film’s casting director, boom operator, and scouter for the location to where to film.

Why Jujitsu Helps Autism

During my junior year at Lynn University, I created a documentary for my Documentary Production class about how Jujitsu can help people with autism. For the project, I directed, filmed, wrote, and edited the documentary, interviewed people and added the music. 

Later, when the class finished, my professor Martin Phillips showcased my documentary at the Lynn University news because he was impressed by it. 

a dark dream

horror film

As a junior at Lynn University, I did a project for a class called Advanced Digital Video Editing. I was assigned to edit the footage of a short horror film, A Dark Dream. I was provided with footage and assigned to decide which shot to choose for the film to edit in Premiere Pro. Later, I went over and color-corrected the footage to have a horror effect with the same program . After finishing the color correction, I added text for the title and credits for the film. I finished the edit by adding sound effects for the film.

ipulse News at Lynn University

fitness center

During my last semester at Lynn University, I worked as the camera operator at iPulse, the university news station. In this position I learned how to control the focus from the camera’s lens and iris and position the camera facing the news anchors. I also did news reports at Lynn University and presented them to the news station. One of the news pieces I created was about the Lynn University fitness center being under construction for a long period of time. I recorded footage of the fitness center and the events of athletes training outside in the hot Florida heat. I conducted the interviews and narrated the piece, then edited the news piece using Premiere Pro.

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