William Hurley is a recent graduate of Lynn University, in Boca Raton, Florida, with Bachelors of Fine Arts in film and television. In 2022 and 2023 he attended study abroad programs in Ireland and France to further his experience and knowledge in the film industry.

He has a strong passion for the creative arts, and enjoys martial arts, photography, and guitar. At the age of 15 he took a deeper interest in film and started to create stop action films on his free time. His experience has continued to grow and develop in many areas of film and television.


Dublin, Ireland 

During my junior year at Lynn University, I attended a two week summer study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland. I was assigned to work on a short horror film about a Banshee, an Irish ghost. My job for the film was a grip and gaffer. In this roll,  I had a partner who was also a grip and gaffer, our job was setting up the lighting and checking the power of the lights at Oscar Wilde’s house.  I also participated in the table read as the actors went over their lines for the film, as well as joining the film’s director when she was planning the production design for the film.

The film later got canceled because most of the actors and crew workers got sick and tested positive with COVID-19, but I learned a lot about preparing to film. 

Cannes, France 

During my senior year at Lynn University, I studied abroad in southern France at the Cannes Film Festival. At the Cannes Film Festival, I learned about films in other countries and how directors present their films differently than others. As I watched the films, I was assigned to write thoughts in a journal about the theme and message of each film. At the festival, I also attended several lectures by filmmakers presenting short films they are working on. I was also assigned to work on a documentary with a partner about the Cannes Film Festival and why it is important to filmmakers. My job, along with my partner, was to research the Cannes Film Festival and come up with questions for interviews about the film festival. While working on the documentary with my partner, I primarily recorded the footage of the events, and my partner later edited the footage and added the music for the short documentary.  Below is a link to our work.